He thought the Hebrew tattoo means strength

Hebrew Tattoo Mistake

Can you read this? The story behind it is so funny… 🙂

Matza Hebrew Tattoo

He thought the tattoo means Strength

The Story of the Strength Hebrew Tattoo

So we were at the Walmart in Bentonville, AR buying some food and we see this guy with a massive arm tattoo. Shmueli Newman asks him if he knows what it means. “Yes” he proudly says, “it means ‘strength’ just like my name. I got it while I was in the military.” We didn’t have the heart to tell him…

The Truth behind the Hebrew Tattoo is…

This Hebrew Tattoo actually means “Matza”, an unleavened bread traditionally eaten by Jewish people during the week-long Passover holiday (also known as Matzo).

Source: Sruli Schochet. Thanks!