Hebrew Tattoo Help

Hebrew Tattoo – Popular since Biblical Times

Hebrew is the oldest spoken language, which served┬áthe ancestors of all monotheistic religions. It was in Hebrew that the Bible was written and ever since, when you want to say something profound – Hebrew is the best choice. No wonder so many people want to have tattoos in Hebrew.

Hebrew Tattoo – No Mistakes

I’ve been operating the Hebrew Word Facebook page for quite a while now, with over 20,000 followers, where we upload a Hebrew word once a day (almost) and help people of all religions connect to this wonderful language. Almost every week, someone asks for help with Hebrew, and┬áthe most common request – Hebrew Tattoo Help.

Sadly, there are many examples out there for mistaken Hebrew tattoos, which are simply embarrassing. Mistakes can be simple wrong spelling but also much deeper issues with meaning. When you quote an ancient language, you need to speak with someone who truly understands and loves it.

I’m not a big fan of tattoos in general, and yet I urge you, if you’re going to ink yourself for life, at least use the right words. You can trust me to help you.

Hebrew Tattoo Help

Hebrew Tattoo Help – No Mistakes!

Hebrew Tattoo Help

I will be happy to help you with making sure that your Hebrew tattoo means what you intend it to mean. Please understand that this Hebrew Word website is entirely voluntary and I pay for all hosting and other expenses myself. Therefore, I’m charging $100 for any help with a tattoo. I hope that you will find this price humble compared to a lifetime with a misspelled tattoo and also – a contribution for a good cause.

If you want to get help with a Hebrew tattoo, please fill the form below and I will send you the PayPal account for payment. Thanks and good luck!

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